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Romans 13:1-7

Romans 13:1-7

I was so mad I could just spit. We lived in a townhouse with our first dog Roody. We had a very tiny back yard. So we needed to get Roody out and walk him. There was a park across the road. But no dogs were allowed in the park. The only dog allowed area was down under the power lines – a good ten minute walk away. Well, I didn’t want to always take Roody down to the “dogs allowed” area. Besides there was an apartment building with a really nice lawn and trees just across our street. I could just take Roody there and save a lot of time.

There was just one problem. A sign on the edge of the property said “no trespassing; residents only.” But I was not going to cause any trouble. And I would certainly pick up after my dog if he made a mess. Well, the first time things went well. I walked Roody around the apartment’s property and through its trees. I was back home in a matter of minutes and had done my duty. I did the same thing the next day and the next. I walked him for a good two weeks on this apartment property.

Until one day.