Revelation 2:18-3:6
Jesus - The Perfect Spiritual Director

Revelation 2:18-3:6

Thank-you for coming today. You could have stayed in your warm bed and just enjoyed the cozy confines of your room until you felt like getting up. But you’re here. Thank-you again. But why are you here? If I were to pass around a hand held mike, we would hear many reasons. Some of you came because you had to. Your parents or some other family member expected you to come. So to keep the peace at home, you came. Some of you came because you had some responsibility this morning. So you fulfilled them by coming. Some of you came because you wanted to meet someone here or you like the people. You looked forward to connecting with them.

Some of you came out of habit. Some might have come because you had nothing better to do. Maybe you came because you needed encouragement or prayer. Maybe you came because you feel guilty and desire forgiveness. Or you’re stuck and you need direction. Or you need some hope and motivation. Or you just wanted to connect with God amidst His people.

The church can be fellowship where some of our deepest needs are met. This can happen because the head of this church. Jesus Christ. When we come to Him, we can receive what we really need. What we need is not necessarily what we want. Sometimes the two match up. We want encouragement and Jesus provides it. We don’t want correction, but Jesus reveals it. We may not want a prescription for what’s wrong in our lives but Jesus offers it. We want motivation to keep going and Jesus describes the future. He always keeps His promises.