Revelation 5
Jesus Christ the Lamb

Revelation 5

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. You get ready in the morning and go into the kitchen to get breakfast. There you discover your pet has been sick in the night. So instead of your usual routine, you have to deal with that. Or one of the kids can’t find an important piece of homework which leads to a crisis situation. There’s no milk for breakfast. So a child or your husband is now cranky because they can’t have their Fruit Loops. Eventually, you get out the door to see it snowed a lot more than you thought. You realize getting to work or school or getting the kids out the door will take a lot longer. You’re day has gone off the rails and you wonder what else might happen.

Yet all these examples are pretty minor compared to some of the derailments we experience in life. You thought you’d be at that job until you retired. They laid you off. You thought you’d be in that relationship forever. Then they broke up with you or cheated on you. You had all these plans of what you wanted to do in life. Then the diagnosis came that changed everything. You jumped in to some exciting yet demanding challenge. You thought it would go in this direction. But it went that way. You thought your kids would turn out like this and they turned out like that. You thought your parents would be together forever and they got divorced. Life brings derailments.

Where is God when our lives take a different direction than we planned? What is He doing? Does He even see what’s happening or care?