Revelation 8
Praying for God's Justice

Revelation 8

 Alfred is a faithful worker.  He gets up every morning at 5 to get to his janitorial job at the University for 6 AM.  He earnestly carries out his duties thankful for any work.  He had been in a refugee camp in his home country for 3 years because of civil war.  Yet Alfred struggles with his supervisor John.  He is a long time caretaker who does not like immigrants. He sees Alfred as another reason why “this country is in such a mess,” according to John.  Alfred suffers continual insults and put downs from John especially when they work together.  Yet Alfred is too scared to speak up because he needs this job.  Must Alfred just endure this injustice?                     

Miriam is a single Mom in her mid 50’s.  She lost her son in a tragic accident 2 years previously.  He was out driving when a drunk driver broadsided his car.  Miriam has just sat through the preliminary court hearing for the driver.  He and his family come from Edmonton’s upper class.  They have one of the best lawyers in the city.  He has already raised several points of objection to the crown’s procedure and case.  Miriam fears that the driver who killed her son will get off without any real consequences.  Besides nothing can bring her son back.  What hope does Miriam have for real justice to be served?                   

Raymond served in the military for 15 years doing two tours of Afghanistan.  He was involved in a couple of fire fights.  People got killed and he saw some horrible things there.  Raymond came back changed.  He couldn’t deal very well with ordinary stress of life.  He snapped at his kids and he couldn’t keep focused at his job.  So he went on disability and sought counseling.  But now he’s received a letter from some government department saying he is no longer eligible for certain benefits.  Raymond can barely cope with the ordinary life.  Will he get justice through this?                     

Mary is a faithful wife and mother.   She and her husband seem to have a good marriage that cares well for their three children.  But behind the scene’s Mary’s husband verbally and emotionally abuses her.  Mary can’t count the number of times she’s had her soul pierced with some cutting remark.  It’s almost like she’s become numb to it all.  And she’s finding that she’s less willing to keep up the façade or the act.  She notices anger bubbling to the surface more and more.  Yet he has all the power.  He controls the bank accounts.  He has the job.  She doesn’t have any training or certification to provide for herself.   When she said her vows on her wedding day, she meant them and kept them.  He’s broken them in multiple ways.   Yet he holds the power.  Where can she turn for justice?