Revelation 15-16
The Righteousness of God

One of the top values in our world today is non-judgmentalism.   It has become a core value in schools, workplaces, public policy and government.  As far as I understand it, to be non-judgmental means to accept, respect and affirm another person’s values, lifestyle, culture, language and background.  No criticism is allowed.  One dictionary definition defines non-judgmental as “avoiding moral judgments.”  Another defines it as “someone or something that doesn’t express an opinion.”  It is when a person does not judge the behavior of others and is open-minded about different people and ideas.  Now there is certainly some validity to being non-judgmental.  Jesus Himself declared in Matthew 7 “Judge not lest you be judged.”  It is the famous passage of a person who doesn’t notice the log of sin in their own eye compared to the speck of sin in someone else’s eye.  Jesus speaks against thinking ourselves morally superior to anyone, He constantly challenged the social structures that elevated some as more important than others because of profession, race or gender.