Psalm 119:33-40
How can we Combat our Lack of Desire for God's Word?

Psalm 119:33-40

Sometimes, Christians struggle in reading the Bible. Sometimes we struggle to even want to read the Bible. How do I know that? Well, I hear about it from you. I hear how you find some parts of the Bible boring or hard to understand. I hear about how some parts seem totally out of touch with our world. I see it in my own life. There are times I struggle in reading God’s Word. Sometimes I don’t want to do it or I would rather do or look at something I think would be more exciting.

It can be challenging. It can be hard to read because of busyness with kids, sickness, exhaustion, work stress, school deadlines and many other reasons. So what do we do when we struggle in this area? Give up? Hope that something or someone will come along to inspire us? Hope that we’ll feel like it tomorrow? That sounds like a pretty passive approach.

If God has communicated to us through His Word and we grow by seeing God’s glory in His Word, you’d think God might be interested in helping us get to His Word. In fact, He is. There is good news today for anyone who is a Christian and struggles to keep connecting to God through His Word. There is help available from Him. Today we’re going to see what it is.