Luke 1:26-45
God's Life Changing Announcement to Mary

Luke 1:26-45

Sometimes announcements can bring great change to our lives.
Sometimes the same news can have different effects on people. For an example of this let’s watch this video.

Announcements affect people. Sometimes we receive good news. Sometimes we can receive bad news. Sometimes news is life changing. Think about how your life has changed or might change if you heard some of the following statements. “The business is closing and everyone is laid off. You have been granted admission to the program. Would you want to go out for coffee sometime? Would you be willing to be my girlfriend? Would you marry me? Honey, we’re going to have a baby. I just received an offer for a better job 500 km away. We’re going in a different direction so your position is no longer needed. I’m sorry to say the tests reveal cancer. We did everything we could but it wasn’t enough.”

News comes along that informs us of some possibility or reality we suddenly have to deal with. Some brings joy. Some brings sorrow. Some brings worry or confusion. Yet it is inevitable we will be surprised by news throughout our lifetime. No one has infinite knowledge about what is happening or will happen except God.