Matthew 25:14-30

Sermon Notes

The Follow Up

Matthew 25:14-30

I am thrilled to be here yet again, and my intention today is to give a follow-up sermon. I’m cutting right to it once again. We spoke in November about the necessary act of preaching the Gospel to the lost, and why it matters to God. Well this sermon has the same level of importance. We need to be doing this because God demands it of us, and others need to hear it. What it is, is discipleship. Now, a lot of sermons start with an illustration, a nice picture of what the sermon is meant to be about, the explains the main point. For this sermon, there’s a different direction though. I don’t really need an illustration, because our main text is explaining an illustration that God Himself gave to His disciples, a picture of what Godly living looks like.

In my previous sermon that I preached on Nov. 4, I talked all about the relevancy of the command of the Great Commission for our lives. I discussed the objections that any Christian might have about following through with the G.C., and then I talked about how we can make it relevant.