Hebrews 12:18-29

In 1969 a signature song topped the charts. “Is that all there is” a song about disillusionment was thought by some to be the artist’s greatest work. It may have epitomized more accurately the singer’s life than any other work remaining after an illustrious productive career threatened by personal health problems related to addictive lifestyle choices that spanned 7 decades. The spiritual journey of this singer contains little to no information about the problem of Sin or the confession of moral failings but rather seeks to find peace and comfort from her angst in positive thinking. Just before the last chorus she asks that we not be concerned for her or the hopeless thoughts expressed. She planned to still be singing this song on her death bed. A self-proclaimed Swan Song. She may never have found the peace which she so desperately sought. Her talented musical expressions give description to the many difficulties of life which she faced during her 81 years. Her expression of pain and loss strike a familiar chord with us.