Hebrews 4:14-5:10
He Deals Gently with the Ignorant and Wayward

 How do you feel when someone close to you blows it? 

·  A child repeatedly forgets to hang up their coat after they come home from school. ·  A child leaves a mess behind when you’ve just reviewed what it looks like to clean up after themselves. 
·  A teenager forgets or ignores their parent’s requirement to call in when they are out late.    
·  You find out your teenager or young adult child is regularly getting drunk or doing drugs or something else leading down a destructive path.    
·  Or maybe you have asked your parents to stop bringing up that one subject about you in public.  Or you’ve asked them to stop teasing you about that one area and they did it again at a family gathering...

How do you respond when someone close to you blows it?