John 5:1-17

Every time a bowling ball hit its lane, something rang in my head.  And I knew something was wrong with me.  But I didn’t want to face it.  I was about 30.  Lori and had been married a couple years.  I worked a lot at the church. Yet things didn’t seem right in me for some time.     I found it hard to relax.  I had trouble sleeping.   Then we had this youth event where we went bowling.  I had a headache before we arrived.  But once inside, the ringing in my head started.  I couldn’t handle the normal sound of a bowling ball hitting the lane.    It shook me.  So I finally decided to go see a doctor.   They suggested I had symptoms of burnout which upset me.  I didn’t like it.  I decided to ignore that diagnosis and take better care of myself.   Things would be okay for a little bit.  But then something would happen that would again reveal something wasn’t right.