1 Kings 19:1-18

Do you ever get discouraged by the state of our world?  I was scanning some news headlines this past week.   As I worked through them, I thought, “Every headline refers to something difficult or bad.”  There’s a conflict in Azerbaijan where something like 30000 Armenian refugees have fled an oncoming army.  There’s always news about the war in Ukraine.  There’s bitter political conflict here and in the US.  There were some attacks or gang violence in Sweden that’s gone on for a couple weeks solid.  After reading a few more, I had to stop.  It was like this overwhelming flood of difficult realities in our world. 

I sometimes think about the direction of our culture.  I shake my head at many of the things I see or hear about.  I don’t understand the rationale for decisions or direction.  I wonder what kind of world will await my grandkids.