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Revelation Series Begins

This Sunday, January 14,2018,  we begin our journey through the book of Revelation. I am excited to explore the last book of the Bible together and to see what God will do among us while we reflect on His word. To help us get the most out of our time together, I would like to hear from you. What questions do you... Read More


What Grieving People Wish You Knew at Christmas

Sunday, December 10, we will be focusing on supporting those who have lost loved ones over the past 12 months. This tradition was started a few years ago in our church family by one of our members. She had the vision to express consolation, sympathy and recognition to those who were going into the Christmas season... Read More


You are Invited!

Dear SVBC Family: On Tuesday, November 28 at 7 PM, we will be having a congregational meeting in the church sanctuary. This past year included some tough decisions and exciting developments. Your Elders, Deacons and Staff have been working together to do our part in looking after God’s flock at SVBC. We would like... Read More

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A Survey of Christian Options on Genesis and Science

If you have an interest in Genesis, creation and science, here is an excellent presentation on the different Christian perspectives on “creation and science” out there. The presentation is called “A Survey of Christian Options on Genesis and Science” by John Walton. You might not be aware, but there is more than... Read More


Something Interesting About Isaiah 53!

It is not known if the chapters and verses division of the 2nd half of the book of Isaiah (which some sees as the NT in miniature) was intentional or simply coincidental, but it is certainly interesting! The 2nd half of Isaiah breaks down into 3 sections, which in turn breaks down into 3 sub-sections each, which... Read More


Parenting, Scientific American Magazine & Easter...

What does the Scientific American Magazine have to do with Easter and parenting? Lets find out later...! Grand-parenting, and of course, parenting with an intentional spiritual and worldview formation is an important responsibility for us. And so is helping our kids (and us) to think critically about and make... Read More


The A, B, Cs of Defending the Gospels Against Skepticism!

The A, B, Cs of defending the Gospels against skepticism! Skepticism & atheism is on the rise in our culture and there is no doubt about this, no punt intended. I remember in one of our Alpha Courses, one of our guests openly came up with skepticism and some questions about the Gospels’ authorship, dating,... Read More

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Why Does God Appear so Violent in the Old Testament?

I came across this clip today; why is God so violent in the OT? This is one of the most difficult questions one can ask a Christian. We often hear the comment, even among Christians, that the God of the OT is not the same God as the one of the NT. “New Atheists” delight in questioning God’s moral character in the... Read More

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The Journey to the Cross

Sunday, January 8, we begin to follow Jesus on His final journey to Jerusalem through the Gospel of Matthew.  We started this journey at Christmas 2014.  We aim to complete it around Easter 2017.   This journey has taken time and effort, like most journeys worth the effort.  But I pray you will be able to join us... Read More

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Can we Seriously & Confidently Believe the Nativity Account?

Every year during the Christmas season, we hear documentaries on TV or see internet posting & blogs saying that the Bible is not credible and should not be believed. Or that Christianity, specifically in this case, the virgin birth is just a copy-cat account of old pagan myths, nothing really original or new... Read More