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Luke 1:67-75

Luke 1:67-75

a) This text, part of the infancy narrative, known as the Benedictus (v.67-80) and is titled the Song of Zacharias.
This song follows the birth of his son John the Baptist as the result of Gabriel’s revelation that his wife would be pregnant even if barren as a result of her prayer to God.
Part of the text is talking about the salvation/messianic expectation and then The B, then Messiah again.

b) Starts with an explosion of praise/excitement (blessed/praised be to God…)
God has come/redeemed his people
God has raised up a horn of salvation
In the house of David (Messiah known to be a descendant of David)
As he said to holy prophets long ago (told & confirmed to prophets on numerous occ.)
A salvation from enemies/those who hate us

c) Why praise/excitement in Zacharias’ heart

Because finally! God has “come”; Heaven is meeting/visiting Earth in the person of Messiah
This long awaited Messianic Expectation (ME) is here, at hand, being fulfilled
And Zach will be first hand witness of the unfolding of God ‘plan
And this is in keeping with what was told by the prophets.
All the building blocks/pieces of the puzzle are in place (forerunner, messiah, timing,
God has not abandoned his people…and is coming in the person of the messiah