Matthew 4:12-25

Matthew 4:12-25

It’s coming – whether you want it or not. It may not affect you now or even for a couple of years, it may not even affect you. But it has the potential to impact many of us in the workforce or at some schools if we happen to use a computer. What is coming? Microsoft has introduced Windows 10. Windows is the operating system that helps some computer users interact with their machine. It has gone through multiple versions over the past 20 plus years. I still remember Windows 3.0. Then along came Windows 95 and 98; Vista and Windows 7. Then they introduced Windows 8 which looked a lot like Apple’s systems. Now Windows 10 is coming which will be placed on a lot of new computers that you may purchase in 1-3 years.

I so love these updates and new versions. Just when you are, you’re getting a handle on how to work with a particular system, they change something. Whether you like it or not change is coming – will you adapt to it or resist it?

Now of course some of you are saying “well that’s Microsoft. I have an Apple product. It’s way better than stupid Windows. Nothing like that ever happens with Apple.” Well I have an Apple product as well. My tablet is an iPad. It can do some very neat stuff. It worked quite well. It was loaded with Apples iOS 7 operating system. It worked well – until this past fall. Apple introduced iOS8. So I dutifully downloaded the updated version of Apple’s operating system. Ever since that wonderful update, my Wi-Fi is slower, I cannot get onto the Internet on my tablet unless I turn my Wi-Fi off to disconnect from my home network and reconnect. Sometimes I have to do that 2 or 3 times. I have downloaded all the patches and updates and I still have to do it. So all of you Apple disciples out there who go around saying “nothing ever bad happens with Apple. It’s so beautiful”. Well I’m experiencing both sides and have the same problem. They change things that work perfectly fine and I have to adapt to them.

Changes come in life whether we want them to or not. You may have heard the expression “Change is Inevitable. Growth or maturity is optional.” In that we can choose to handle them in a mature or immature way. Change happens in technology. Change comes with aging. Changes come with graduations, promotions, demotions and falling oil prices. Change is an inevitable part of our Christian lives. The changes required are all for our good. But we can still resist them.