“What would happen to me now” I wondered as I sat in my house on that Friday evening?  There was no more doubt about where I stood with respect to Jesus.  Word would soon spread through the streets about what I’d done.  It would eventually get back to the council.  They would be spitting mad.  How would they vent their rage? 

But perhaps I should introduce myself.  My name is Joseph.  I was born in a little village called Arimathea outside of Jerusalem.  I was raised in an orthodox Jewish home.  We were very careful to obey the law and live devout lives before our God.  My father was a priest and was blessed with a smart mind – so smart that when a vacancy came open on the Sanhedrin, they asked him to take it.  The Sanhedrin was the highest religious council in our nation.  Approximately 70 different priests, scholars and elders governed Judaism from Jerusalem.  A member of the Sanhedrin gained great prestige and honor.