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Do you ever think that God is incompetent to deal with the complexities of your life or the problems in the world? I think we sometimes unconsciously make this conclusion when we see trouble or face numerous challenges. We probably don’t frame it with such an accusing conclusion. But we might live it by our actions.
Maybe we sigh with frustration because we don’t see any progress in something we’re praying about. Or we’re exasperated by some government decision. We remember that God has sovereignty over the government. So we wonder why He doesn’t do something about this latest fiasco. Then we conclude we’ve got to sort it our ourselves because seems unable to.
Yesterday, I faced a long day at work with several pressing deadlines, projects and situations. It started out as drab day. No sun. Windy. So I went for my morning walk. When I saw the first tree by the sidewalk I noticed the grooves in it’s bark. I walk by that tree every day sometimes twice a day. But the grooves jumped out at me that morning.
As I continued my walk I focused on the bark of each tree I passed. Some were smooth. Some were spotted. Some were red. Some were white. By the time I got back home from an 8 minute walk I had counted at least 8 varieties of trees. I could only name 2. “And God said, ‘Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, each according to its kind , on the earth.’ And it was so. The earth brought vegetation, plants yielding seed according to their own kinds, and trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to his kind. And God saw that it was good.” Instead of going into a heavy day on my own, I had in mind the incredible creativity of God.
He has created innumerable “species” of trees and plants and bugs (sorry for you insect haters) and birds and animals. He knows each one. He knows when a sparrow falls. He is acutely aware of the state of our planet. He is also intimately aware of everything we face in our lives.
So if you’re tempted today to conclude that whatever you face is beyond God’s ability to handle, go for a walk and notice the diversity of trees, plants, dogs and people. Each one ultimately reflects God’s creative genius. That same God with His infinite wisdom will help you with whatever you face now.
“O God, I confess to you that sometimes I am tempted to conclude ‘this’ is beyond you. I forget your wisdom and the evidence of your ability all around me. Help me to see your handiwork everywhere and go forward in the knowledge that you are with me and will guide me. Thank you O God!”

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