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Every year during the Christmas season, we hear documentaries on TV or see internet posting & blogs saying that the Bible is not credible and should not be believed. Or that Christianity, specifically in this case, the virgin birth is just a copy-cat account of old pagan myths, nothing really original or new about the virgin birth or December 25th.

Too often, Christians limit themselves to a spiritual or devotional approach to the Bible without really being aware about the solid historical evidences that backs up the trustworthiness and credibility of the Gospel accounts. As a result, many, including our children, succumb to the objections and doubts pop culture raises about our faith.

If you want to hear about how the nativity accounts and the Gospels are reliable accounts of what happens and how they can be confidently trusted, then you need to hear the new 2016 CD titled “Can We Really Believe the Nativity Account” (Case for Christmas new & expanded).. In this new session based on his book “The Case For Christmas”, Lee Strobel covers 5 basic questions that should put any doubts to rest; (1) do we have reliable records about Jesus birth and life?,(2) did Jesus clearly claim to be God? (3) Did Jesus offer credible credential to back up his claim? (4) Why did God came to earth in flesh? and (5) How is Jesus unique?

Beside these basic questions, this session also addresses a number of questions related with Christmas in general. And once you are done listening to it, this becomes a good resource to give to a friend who would like to know more and be challenged about his beliefs.

You can find this resource along with many others designed to build your faith and share with others at our Literature Table in the Fiyer on your way out. 

Merry Christmas, and best wishes for the New Year!

Serge Poirier

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