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There are some positives about winter. Yes, I know its hard to grasp this when the first snow falls and everything freezes up. However, plunging temperatures give us relief from insect pests for a few months. No mosquitos, flies, wasps or hornets buzz around. They are all DEAD! If you’ve ever been bit by a mosquito or stung by a wasp, winter is your happy place. You can rejoice that these menaces won’t bother you for awhile.

Yet did you know that God used hornets for His good purposes? In Joshua 24:12, the Lord says to the Israelites, “And I sent the hornet before you, and it drove them before you – the two Amorite kings – not by your sword and not by your bow.” So God used those dastardly stingers to drive out Israel’s enemies. Israel had nothing to do with this. They didn’t wave a sword and suddenly have a million hornet army ready for orders. It was “not by your sword and not by your bow.” So God worked on His people’s behalf using hornets to accomplish His will.

Another verse I read today states this: “Our help is in the name of the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.” (Psalm 124:8). So the one who created all of the heavens and the earth is our help; your help. Do you see that magnificent tree? God made that and He is your help. Do you see the sunrise over the glistening snow? God created that. This maker of heaven and earth helps you.

So what do you need help with today? What’s troubling you? What’s too big for you to handle? Bring it all to the maker of heaven and earth.

“Thank you, O God, for the many examples in Scripture of your help for your people. You sent hornets, opened waters, closed lion’s mouths, opened eyes and raised the dead. You provided the greatest help through your Son on the cross. We ask that you would continue your help in our lives today.”