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If there was ever a need for kindness, its now. Frazzled nerves, pandemic stress, uncertain economic future and the constant warnings from public health don’t add up to a good news day. We all have to live in this reality. A little kindness can go a long way.

Yet it is easy to forget about kindness. Our personal agendas consume us. We may see people as obstacles to our goals. We have a list of to do’s that we must complete or else. We may face a heavy workload. We are just trying to get it all done. Kindness takes time we do not think we have.

Or our self-righteousness might blur our capacity for kindness. We can rest in the fact that we have not committed some great sin. We have not committed murder, bank robbery or embezzlement lately. Therefore, we can conclude we are pretty good people.

Yet neglecting to do right greatly concerns God. Forgetting kindness indicates a misaligned heart. In Psalm 109, David cries out for relief from those against him. He points out their lack of kindness. Psalm 109:16 – “For he did not remember to show kindness but pursued the poor and needy and the broken hearted and put them to death.” Another translation puts it like this; “For he never thought of doing a kindness.”

Where would we be without the kindness of God? God cares for us. God looked at our desperate situation and provided a way to forgiveness. God brings people into our lives to help us or show mercy. When we think of Jesus’ attitude towards the needy, kindness oozes from Him.

Hopefully, you have experienced kindness from others. A while ago, someone took the time to write an email to our church staff. It was not in response to a question or survey or opinion. They simply took the time to think about each staff member and something they were doing to keep the church ministries going. Then they wrote it down, expressed appreciation and delivered it to us. That was such a breath of fresh air and encouragement.

Who can we show kindness to this day? Who will God bring across our path who gives us opportunity to stop, listen and help? The fruit of the Spirit is . . . . kindness.”

“Lord, we admit that sometimes our agendas and to do lists lead us to blow by people. Help us to see more clearly that your agenda for us includes the people you bring to mind. Help us to do kindness from the overflow of kindness you have shown us.”