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I have been sick off and on for about 3 weeks. During that time, I have again been reminded of many things - like what a privilege it is to have energy in the morning; the isolation that illness brings; the link between physical, mental and spiritual health; the blessing of having my wife looking out for me. I was also deeply impressed again with the significance of Psalm 23. The Shepherd's Psalm talks about the Lord's constant presence with us no matter what we go through.

How ironic that we sometimes show more excitement for (spoiler alert) a once a year mythical visitor like the Easter Bunny than our constantly present Lord. (Yes - the Easter Bunny is not real - just like Ironman - sorry to shatter your virtual world). The Easter Bunny "drops off" treats or gifts that are consumed in a few days. The Lord remains available and present day or night. The Easter Bunny shows up once a year for a Spring celebration. The Lord never leaves. The Easter Bunny can provide nothing spiritual or eternal. The Lord died so we could have spiritual and eternal life.

So I pray that this Easter you will make time to remember, reflect and celebrate the Lord who is always there for you. He is risen!

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