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Come visit our literature table this season...

This year, our literature table has a new CD called “OT Prophecies Fulfilled in the Christmas Story”.

Did you ever realized that not all the prophecies foretold in the OT are direct prophesies fulfilled in the Christmas story? At first glance, some of the prophecies do not seem to have anything to do with the Christmas story. Yet, the Gospel of Mathew for instances says that this happens in order to fulfil the words of the prophet so and so. So, if they are not direct prophecies and do not seem to have anything to do with the Christmas story, why does Mathew say, this event happened in order to fulfill the word of the prophet so and so?

Take a CD and learn how prophecies sometimes work and how someone like Mathew can confidently say that this event took place in order to fulfill the word of the prophet…You will discover the depth of the Word & power of God. You will also discover why, sometimes, a prophecy can have a surface meaning and an application in the immediate future of the prophet while at the same time have a deeper (sensus plenior”) messianic meaning and application in the first or second advent of Christ. This kind of prediction & prophetic pattern definitely underscore the divine origin of the Word.

Beside this CD, you will also find other titles that can strengthen your faith or introduce someone to Jesus by showing how strong the case is for Christmas and the virgin birth or for Christianity in general.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, and best wishes for the New Year.