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Rescue - It can be something great when it happens to you. But most of us don't want to be in a place where we need rescue. It's kind of vulnerable admitting that you need someone to pull you out, help you up or break you loose. I naturally like to gravitate towards self-rescue. I try to avoid situations where I might need rescue because I wouldn't want to inconvenience anyone. And I was raised to take care of myself and those I'm responsible for. But rescue? That's for people who get caught in a hurricane or flood or situation that they can't get out of without someone else coming along.

Though they might not choose to be in a situation where they needed rescue, most rescued people are pretty thankful when it happens. It's not like I've never experienced rescue - like from the pool when I couldn't swim and my friends dragged me to the side or when I hit my head on the ice and couldn't see straight and needed to get to the hospital - or when it became clear that there was nothing I could do by myself to deal with my sin issue. Rescuing is pretty great when it actually happens. The first step is realizing we need it.

Sunday we will talk more about a great rescue that involves all of us.

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