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Imagine your desperation if your child was deathly ill. You would do or anything to try to save their life. A man named Jairus faced this. A serious illness afflicted his 12-year-old daughter. Nothing helped. She only got worse. In fact, he knew that without some dramatic intervention she would be gone in a matter of hours.

Yet he heard that Jesus was in town. So he left home in an attempt to bring Jesus to his house before it was too late. He falls at Jesus’ feet and begs for help. Jesus agrees to come to the house. However, the crowds and another situation delays him. By the time they arrive at Jairus’ house, he knows they’re too late. He can already hear the mourners wailing.

He looked at his wife and saw her tear-filled eyes. He knew. Then Jesus says something strange. Do not weep, for she is not dead but sleeping. Jairus knew she was not sleeping. His daughter had died. He could tell by his wife’s eyes and the laughing disbelief of those who mourned.

Yet Jesus went into the room where the little girl lay. He only allowed 3 of his disciples and the parents to accompany him. But taking her by the hand he called, saying, ‘Child arise.’ And her spirit returned and she got up at once. Imagine the transformation in Jairus’ and wife. They go from devastated mourners to overjoyed celebrants in a moment. They receive their daughter back from the dead through a great miracle. Imagine her testimony about her life from that forward.

We need regular reminders of God’s resurrection power. We remember Jesus’ resurrection at Easter. The spring season of Easter helps us see new life all around us. But we can also forget. Even now as we go through fall, we see the end of life for many plants and leaves. Our flowers freeze; the garden is finished; leaves fall off; trees go bare. New life seems far removed.

Yet God’s resurrection power is always available. We need to apply this to situations that are beyond us. Maybe you face some complex situation and can see no way forward. Left to ourselves, we can conclude it’s hopeless. But taking her by the hand, he called, saying, ‘Child, arise.’ And her spirit returned and she got up at once. In an instant, the child’s spirit returned to her dead body and brought life because of a word spoken by the Son of God. So bring Him your impossible situations today and receive His Word, comfort and hope.

Lord, we wish you would do this again in our day. We long for news of your resurrection power. Yet it’s not far away if we listen to one another’s stories about you spiritual resurrection work in our lives. Help us to apply this to whatever we face today that seems impossible. Help us to trust You, Your will and Your timing.