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Welcome (back) to Sturgeon Valley Church. This Sunday we gather back together after a summer of many going in multiple directions.  I pray you have had a good summer.  If you haven't I pray the Lord sustained you through the challenges of this summer.  

This Fall we will look at something that I think is becoming more and more abnormal in the Christian community.  That something is prayer.  There are many obstacles to prayer in our lives including the trend towards constant connection, noise and social media.  These have all combined to make silence and focusing on God through prayer seem and feel abnormal.  

We can come up with lots of excuses as to why we don't pray or can't find time for it.  But might a root cause be that we really don't believe prayer can make much of a difference in our lives?  We are going to explore the necessity of prayer, it's greatness and how to do it.  I will be including thoughts from a book I found most helpful by Tim Keller - Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God.  But most of all, I invite you to come on a journey to move prayer from the abnormal to normal in your life.  

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