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We have heard this very biblical adage many times before. Luke 6:38 speaks cleanly to this when he says, “Give, and it will be given to you; a good measure – pressed down, shaken together and running over – will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.” What we plant into the soil as farmers is what we will grow. What we build up into others lives, will be built up into our lives; what we tear down in others lives will be torn down in our own. How we judge others will be used to judge ourselves. 

During a discussion this past week with my brothers and sisters in Christ, we discussed the dichotomy between the world of light, in Christ, and the world of darkness, in Satan. It is a marvel how similar they may seem on the surface. A sister in Christ said to me; “A sibling of mine said this; “I’m a good person. I’ve done generally good things. I know, in the end, that I will be able to stand before God and plead my case before Him.”

How heartbreaking it was to hear this reality. People in our lives, whether having grown up in the church or not, believe that they will have the chance to actually argue with God about their salvation based on their deeds on earth. The reality is that this misconception about salvation, being by works rather than by faith, comes from a branch of our own faith.

Many years ago, during the time of Catholic reign in the church, we taught our brothers and sisters that in order to be forgiven our sins, we had to pay the priest penance, or to attend confession weekly and absolve ourselves by naming our sins, and the father would forgive them; God listening in, and interceding. 

Not so long ago, we were taught with our actions that what was required to make a good Christian was simple Sunday church attendance; Heaven forbid He had any time for us in the rest of the week. What these systems created over time was a belief entrenched in our Western society that we can earn our way to heaven through our church attendance, good deeds, kind words, and a constant and unceasing yielding to unconditional love. We have reaped what our forbears have sown for millennia.
This plant, of works based salvation, is the most dangerous plant that was accidentally, and sometimes maliciously, planted. We have to go deep into the soil with our plows and completely overturn that soil. Rip up that plant right from it deepest roots. Then, once the fields are barren, we must plant a new seed; the Gospel of Truth. The Gospel of salvation by faith alone, with total grace and total mercy, as taught in the Scriptures by our Lord Jesus Christ. We are not saved by the deeds that we do, the words we speak, or the affirmations we pour out. We are saved because of Jesus’ death on the cross, His resurrection, and our acceptance of His intercession on our behalf. That is it. 

Brothers and sisters, let us begin this work today. It will not be easy; we will be uprooting lies growing for many years in others lives. But with this uprooting can come new life. Pray, as I will pray, that in the times of opportunity, we will be bold enough to correct the lies of Satan, and bring forth the truth of the Gospel.

God bless you. 

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