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Who is Jesus? That's a question that generates a lot of answers today. Some might state the question should be posed "Who was Jesus?" since they believe He's a historical figure who no longer lives. Some might say He was a religious founder just like Moses was for Judaism and Muhammed was for Islam.

But who do we say Jesus is? So far in the Matthew 13 and 14 we have learned 7 answers to the question "Who is Jesus?"

o The rejected Messiah leading a rejected people who are accepted by God. (13:53-14:12)
o The miraculous provider of bread for a multitude in a desolate place. (14:13-21)
o The Lord over nature who walks on water (14:22-25)
o The divine encourager who uses the name of God (14:26-27)
o The savior or his people with small faith(14:28-33)
o The compassionate healer of Israel (14:34-36)

This Sunday, we discover another answer to add to this list. I hope you can join us as we continue to discover Jesus.

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