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I came across this clip today; why is God so violent in the OT?

This is one of the most difficult questions one can ask a Christian. We often hear the comment, even among Christians, that the God of the OT is not the same God as the one of the NT.

“New Atheists” delight in questioning God’s moral character in the OT although without really giving it a shot at understanding what is going on exactly. One must admit that it is an important & difficult question.

However, there are good answers to this question. Here is a short clip covering this important topic . For a more in-depth approach explaining why and the related concept of “Holy War” go to Right Now Media on “Joshua and the conquest of Canaan” (towards the last third of the presentation) at

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Barbara Gushue almost 7 years ago

Because God is a righteous judge? Jesus had not showed up in bodily form so there had to be a blood atonement . . . just thinking out loud.

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