Chain of Love began in 1993 when a community of people in the city of Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, including NAB missionaries, was awakened to the plight of street children. A rapidly growing number of children had been hopelessly abandoned to fend for themselves on dangerous city streets.

Out of their love and concern for God’s children, a ministry called Chain of Love was born. Individual homes were constructed and staffed with foster parents. Each couple accepts ten children, in addition to their own, and agrees to raise them to adulthood and independence. Already more than 150 children have been rescued from the streets and given a loving home with a caring Christian family.

This is a ministry of the North American Baptist Conference. Our denominational organization with whom we partner. The primary opportunity for support enables individuals and families to enter into personal sponsorship of the individual children. The NAB have transferred the responsibility of directing this ministry to local leadership and the ministry remains strong. More information is available from the Chain of Love  website.