Disciplemaker in Japan

As a Japanese-Canadian, Yuri has a unique, God-given background in being sent out from North America as a missionary to Japan.

God has placed a burden on her heart to bring the hope of the gospel to Japan.  God has called and equipped Yuri to serve in evangelism, discipleship and church planting alongside a faithful team of missionaries.
Yuri received her education at University of Alberta, North American Baptist College, and Taylor University College and Seminary in Edmonton.
In addition to her experience as a short-term missionary and pastor, Yuri’s opportunities to serve as co-president of the Taylor International Students’ group, minister cross-culturally among Chinese and Laotians, and volunteer for Japanese organizations in Canada provide a broad base for her missionary service to build on.
“I know Japan and its people well,” Yuri says. “I see missionary service there knowing all that I will be negatively confronting … and yet still having a burden for the many lost souls there. Japan has been a difficult nation to accept the Gospel, but I believe God wants to break through and bring many into His Kingdom.”
SVBC financially supports Yuri as an NAB Missionary. For more info please contact 780.458.3777 or email church@svbc.ab.ca