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Greetings SVBC friends & family!

We pray this finds you all keeping well & finding things to do to fill your time.  We hope you have been able to connect with us on Sundays, through Pastor Tom’s daily blog posts or through a live chat with your own families or study groups using some of the many tools available, such as FaceTime, Facebook Messenger Video, Zoom, or TeamLink.

During this time when we’re apart, we are striving to find ways to connect, both with you & with our community.  In doing so we have something we would like to share with you - 2 new ‘Hello’ cards! Here's the 2 different cards:

  1. One for our Church Community: Are you & your family enjoying the fresh air by going for walks?  We are looking for volunteers to deliver these pre-filled out cards to the homes around the church. 
  2. One for your Neighbourhood: We can provide you with blank cards which you can fill in with your own information to give to your own neighbours. 

Please call us at 780.458.3777 or email & let us know which option you would like to participate in (one or both!)