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Psalm 7

Psalm 7

I was simply walking to my lesson. But I suddenly felt like I would was under attack. For about 6 years, my Mom had me in piano lessons. My sister taught me for a while. But after she married & moved away, we had to find another teacher. We ended up going with Mr. Peach. So every week I would walk to Mr. Peach’s house.

The path to his place went through some houses where you could see into people’s back yards. Sometimes you could see right into their house. So I would often be interested in what I saw. I was only 12 at the time.

Well on this particular night I took my regular path to Mr. Peach’s home. But I noticed at this one house, a few people looked out the back window towards the walkway. As I got closer, I noticed they all looked at me. So I’m 12 and feeling a little self-conscious. I keep walking when I notice a man, likely the dad of the family by their sliding patio door to the back yard. He looks really mad. So I begin to pick up my pace.

All of sudden the door flies open. “Hey, hey,” he yells at me. So I stop. He takes a step towards me aggressively. But just before he breaks into a full run he turns and asks someone “Is that him?” I look at who he’s talking to. It’s his teenage daughter looking out from the kitchen window. I see her look at me closely and then shake her head. So the dad steps back inside and continues to watch along the path.