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Psalm 8

Psalm 8

Well it’s finally official. We have the new name. After months of anticipation, days of watching and non-stop media coverage, Prince William and Kate have a new baby boy. He arrived Monday, July 22 weighing 8 pounds, 6 ozs. A couple of days later, they announced the baby’s new name: George Alexander Louis. His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, 3rd in line to the throne. Six King Georges have worn the crown throughout history since the German-born George , the first, took to the throne in 1714. The last was the Queen's father George, the sixth, who died in 1952.

The name Louis is likely a tribute to Lord Louis Mountbatten.. He was assassinated by the IRA in 1979. Time will tell how this baby turns out and what he will add to the history of the names of George, Alexander and Louis. William and Kate and little George have entered the wonderful world of parenting. I just love that part where they bring the baby out in the car seat to depart the hospital. Their lives are so scrutinized that the press wonders if they put little George in the car seat properly. Seriously! They’ve been parents for one day! What parent hasn’t made a mistake on car seats at some point with their infants?

Yet George Alexander Louis made it safely home. Everyone likely has an opinion about his name. It might even influence some people. Expectant parents who have a boy this summer may include one of the prince’s names in their baby’s name. But for most of us, it’s unlikely his name will have much influence on your or my life in the days to come.
But there’s another name that should definitely have great influence over our lives, especially if we call ourselves Christians; The name of God. What different does God’s name make in your daily life?

What difference does His name make in your life direction, attitude, entertainment choices – relationship choices – perspective on your resources? Lots, little, none?