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1 John 5:1-5

1 John 5:1-5

This past week, I got to hold a new born child. Baby Ava was just under 5 days old. I marveled again at the miracle of life. Her little fingers were all there. She has lots of hair. Her little eyes opened when someone talked or the dog barked. And her little lungs give great power to her cry. I talked with her parents and asked lots of questions about how Ava came into the world.

But there was one question I didn’t ask. I did not say “are you sure this is your baby? Are you sure that she was born of you?” I could see some hints of her dad and mom’s features in her face. I could tell this was the same baby in the pictures at the hospital. Ava was born of this Dad and Mom – there was no doubt.
As she grows, she will continue to resemble her parents. She will carry features of her Dad and Mom’s side of the family. You can sometimes tell which child goes with what parents just by looking.

But as God’s children, it’s a little different. God is Spirit. We are physical human beings though we are made in His image. So you can’t tell if someone is a Christian just by looking at them. How do you tell if someone has been born of God? Thankfully, God provides markers or indicators that show up in the lives of His children to show that we are born of Him.