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Ephesians 5:22-33

Ephesians 5:22-33

A fellow was raised way up in the sticks of norther Alberta - I mean, so far out in the sticks, never in his life had he seen a big city, to say nothing of modern inventions and neon lights. He married a girl just like himself and they spend all their married years in the backwoods. They had one son, whom they creatively named Junior. Around the time Junior reached his sixteenth birthday, his dad began to realize it wouldn't be too many years before their son would become a man and would strike out on his own. It troubled him that his boy could reach manhood and wind up getting a job in the city, not prepared to face the real world. He felt responsible and decided to do something about it. 

He and his wife started saving for a trip the three of them would take to the city. About three years later the big day arrived. They tossed their belongings in the old pickup and started the long journey over winding, rough roads to the city of Edmonton. Their plan was to spend several days at the West Edmonton hotel and take in all the sights. As they approached the outskirts of the metropolis, Papa began to get a little jumpy: "Mama, when we pull up at the hotel, you stay in the truck while Junior and I go in and look around. We'll come back and git ya, OK?" She agreed. 

Flashing neon lights and uniformed doormen greeted them as they pulled up. Mama stayed put as Papa and Junior walked wide-eyed into the mall. Neither could believe his eyes! When they stepped on a mat the doors opened automatically. Inside they couldn't believe their eyes. They walked over the granite floor and were amazed as they saw there was a ship in the mall. "Juniro, look!" Papa was pointing toward the huge tank where sea lions were jumping out of the water. They went a little further and Junior cried out, "Papa, looka there!" there was an ice-skating rink- inside. They were awestruck as they headed back to the hotel entrane, and heard a clicking sound.