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1 John 5:16-17

Sermon Notes

1 John 5:16-17

I never could figure out what direction we needed to go. But with my friend at my side, I knew I’d be okay. I used to go to a Pastor’s Conference every spring held at the Moody Bible Institute in downtown Chicago. I would drive down there with a friend or two to enjoy some great speakers, relax and reflect on life and ministry. Moody is named after Dwight Moody, an American evangelist in the 1800’s. He started the school with a dream to train young people in the Bible and then send them out on missions.

So the school’s short name was Moody. And the short name of the conference became the Moody Pastor’s Conference. That sounds like a lot of fun right – going to a conference with moody pastors. But it was spiritually renewing and fun except for one area: the tunnels. The Moody campus is fairly big. Chicago gets cold in the winter. So at some point they built some tunnels under campus so students could get around without going outside. We would use these tunnels to go from our dorms to the auditorium and then to the cafeteria.