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John 12:1-8

John 12:1-8

Imagine you are looking for a job. You see an ad that states the following:

 Someone willing to risk their good reputation.

 Someone willing to give away something worth $40,000.

 Someone who must clean or shine the shoes of people attending a sold out special event at the Arden. (You’d have to do this in the foyer of the Arden as everyone comes in).

Would you sign up for that? Would you immediately call and put your name in for such an opportunity? No. We wouldn’t do that for a job. From a financial perspective, that’s a negative 40000 transaction. You could do a lot with 40,000 dollars. You could go on a great vacation. You could put on a neat addition or redo your kitchen. You could pay to go to a college in another city. You could get a new car or go on an adventure you’d always wanted to go on.

Besides the financial risk, there’s the reputation question. A good reputation cannot be bought. You have to earn it and build it and continue to protect it. Risking your reputation is like risking your health. It can have long term consequences to risk your reputation.