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Luke 11:33-36

Luke 11:33-36

Well it’s that time of year again. What time of year is it? Graduation season? Yes but that’s not what I’m thinking about. Spring season? Yes, but until Friday this past week it seemed more like Fall and the onset of darkness. Vacation Season? Yes, it’s just about time for that. But not quite. It’s test season. For many of you students it is test season as you prepare for finals. For me, it’s annual physical season. As you grow older like me, it’s important to get an annual physical check up with your doctor because of all the crazy things that can pop up as the body ages.

I’ve already shared with you that once I turned 50, my doctor began to look at me differently. Now we have to do a whole bunch of tests to see where things are at. So on Monday after my physical, I had to do 4 tests. 2 I can talk about publicly and 2 I will just try to forget. But one was the blood test. Now I don’t like getting needles. And the doctor had marked off a lot of categories. So the lab tech came with several tubes to draw blood out of my arm. My solution to dealing with all that is simply not to watch. So I turn away while the needle goes in and the blood is drawn.

Then I had what’s called an ECG. This is where you have to take off your shirt and roll up your pant legs. Then they stick these lead receptors onto various parts of your body and attach wires to them. Then they turn on a machine and read the data. When you’re done, they take off the leads. Then they have to take off the stickers.

Now think about for a moment how much power that lab technician or nurse has over you. I’ve got all these sticky things on me with hair underneath. I’ve had this test done more than once. So I can compare how the different technicians take off the stickers. Some take great care to try to not cause you a lot of pain while they rip off the sticker especially from where there’s a little hair. And then there are some who are maybe having a bad day or think the patient is a little soft and needs some toughening up or just don’t like you. So they seem to take great pleasure in ripping off those stickers one by one. Thankfully, I survived those tests. Now we’ll see about the results.