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Romans 1:14-17

Romans 1:14-17

School is such an interesting time in your life. There are so many experiences you have that are very unique to school. Some are very good memories, and some are not so good. Some are funny, and others are difficult. For me, I had some of my most embarrassing moments in school. I think Jr. High in particular is a breeding ground for some of life’s most embarrassing moments. Let me share a couple of mine.

I remember in grade 10 those tear away track pants were a big thing (you know the ones with the button snaps down the side of each leg). I had a pair of those (you can see where this is going), but one day I was walking down the school hallway, and two of my friends, both tall guys, came running down the hall from behind me and each one grabbed one side of my pants and pulled as they ran past. My pants peeled like a banana and there I was, standing in the middle of the hallway, with my pants lying on the floor. I scrambled to button them up again as fast as I could, one snap at a time on the outside and then on the inside. I had more confidence then so I was able to laugh about it pretty quickly after. But that wasn’t the only time I found myself without all my clothes on at school. Some people have nightmares about going into public without all their clothes on. I lived it.

It was grade 7 and my mom had got me a new pair of shorts. These shorts had Loony Tunes characters on them, and at that time Loony Tunes were really fun, and I was really excited about these new shorts. Well I wear them to school, and there were some guys against the wall and they started laughing at me. I’m all “what are you laughing at?”, and they say “Did you forget to wear pants today?”. As a very self-conscious grade 7 student, I was very confused. I said “well duh, I wore shorts, not pants”. They kept laughing and they pointed out that I was wearing boxer shorts not regular shorts and that I was at school in just my underwear. Not wanting to admit this, I argued with them and assured them that they were in fact regular shorts. I said I am wearing underwear underneath, but they said that because they were patterned with characters, they were underwear. I was in full denial, until he asked if they were open in the front, or if they had a zipper. I looked and said “no it’s not open, it has a button”. It was then that I realized they were right. I didn’t admit it thought. I went the rest of the day denying that they were boxers. It was a long day full of many snickers and laughter at me. And of course after that day I never wore my boxers to school again.