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Job 38:1 - 40:5

Job 38:1 - 40:5

Sometimes we think we have so much control. But then a pile of dirt shows up in our backyard that didn’t come from your dog. What is going on? Piles of dirt began to increase in number in our yet undeveloped back yard. The digging showed creativity. Each pile looked like a horseshoe. But we didn’t want more piles of dirt. So we called animal control.

They asked some very specific questions and concluded this must be a pocket gopher. They promised to come and take a look. When I got home later that day, two traps had been placed in the tunnel of this creature. I was told to watch the nearly buried traps for any signs of success.

Well, we went to bed that night not thinking much about it. I forgot about through the day. But later I thought maybe I should check what they put in my yard. I looked closely at the trap and noticed something looked different. So I began to dig down and pulled out the trap. TAIL! There’s a tail sticking out of the trap. I dropped the trap and ran inside calling the kids. Lori was not at home at this time which was an answer to prayer because she and rodents don’t get along for some reason. She doesn’t have a pet rat in a cage right beside her bed.

We carefully released the trap to see what was inside.