Matthew 8:1-17

Sermon Notes

Matthew 8:1-17

There’s quite a difference between knowing about someone and knowing them. We may hear about someone in the church, at school, in the news or in our industry. We may see them in class, on the platform, on TV or making a presentation. We may know their name and a little about them from what they’ve said or what we’ve seen.

But we don’t really know them until we spend time with them – talking, listening, working side by side, living with them, eating together, sharing life. I remember when I first heard about the guy I’d room with to do schooling. We wanted to save on the cost, so they just took names & paired us up. I knew his name was Chris and he pastored in Michigan. Would we get along? Would we room together more than one 2 week course?

Fast forward 13 years. Chris & I have roomed together about every year since 2002. He’s moved from Michigan to Illinois. I moved from Ontario to Alberta. We communicate off & on throughout the year, pray for each other and our families. Yesterday his oldest daughter got married.

From knowing about Chris 13 years ago, I now know him much better. But there’s more to be discovered & hopefully more time to do that.

Knowing about someone is a lot different than knowing them.

Some of you here may not know much about Jesus. Matthew’s explanations are helping you get to know Him more. Others might conclude we already know Jesus. We might say “He’s the Son of God.” We might confess He is the Christ or Messiah, the Son of the living God. We might think we’ve already heard the story. Or we might wonder how knowing more about Jesus could possibly help us with what we face in life right now.

There’s a difference between knowing about someone and knowing them. If you’re a Christian here today we might be tempted to conclude that you know enough about Jesus and there’s no need to know anymore. But I invite you to consider what the Apostle Paul said. He got to know Christ pretty well. He writes in Philippians 3:8 “I count everything as a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.” Paul concluded there was nothing greater than knowing more about Jesus. Though you may know some about Jesus; though you may know Jesus through the years of your Christian walk there’s more to discuss as Matthew will reveal to us more about Jesus. I want to invite you to come and discover more about the one who walks with you every moment if you are one of His.