Matthew 15:1-20
Matthew 15:1-20
What do Lebron James, Muhammed Ali, and Gordie Howe all have in common?   LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team just won the NBA championship against great odds.  Muhammed Ali, formerly Cassius Clay, was a boxer who became world famous for his quotes and activism.  Gordie Howe earned the nickname Mr. Hockey in his years as a Detroit Red Wing. 
But what do they have in common?  Well 2 of them currently died.  Gordie Howe was 88; Ali was 74.  But Lebron still lives and enjoys the championship just won.   The common factor is people responded in a significant way to their lives or accomplishments. 
The Cavaliers just had a victory parade through Cleveland this week.  And Cleveland responded.  Hundreds of thousands came out to celebrate, pay tribute and rejoice in that city’s first professional sports championship in 52 years.  Louisville, Kentucky responded at Muhammed Ali’s funeral.  Thousands came out to pay tribute to a local son who had grown up in relative poverty and obscurity to become a world famous activist.  Detroit responded at Gordie Howe’s funeral.  Thousands stood in line to pay their respects and remember what he meant to that community. 
When someone’s life influences or inspires, others respond especially in times of memorial or tribute.  So how have you responded to Jesus’ life and teaching this past week?  If someone could look at a video of your life over the past 7 days, would they see evidence that you have been influenced, inspired and affected by Jesus life and teaching?