Matthew 15:21-38

Matthew 15:21-38

Over the past several months, we have witnessed a flood of refugees trying to escape Middle East turmoil.  Thousands upon thousands have made the journey by foot, train and boat in an attempt to leave behind war and instability.  Some have travelled miles on foot to the point of exhaustion.  Their numbers have swelled so dramatically that countries have been overwhelmed with the need.  Some countries have put up fences.  Some have seen tragedies unfold on the shorelines as boast crammed with refugees have sunk or capsized.

Yet some have succeeded in making their way to Europe.  Yet upon arrival, they face more challenges.  One of the greatest is the time required for processing and screening.  Imagine you are one of the aid workers meeting these refugees.  How would you decide who to help?  Hundreds and thousands of people clamor for relief.  They maybe crowd around your desk or stare at you from behind a refugee camp fence.  They are in need but you have only so much capacity to help.  You have only so much time – energy – and space for a certain amount of people according to your countries quotas.  It must be an incredible strain on some of those workers who look into the countless faces of those in need.

But then imagine being one of those refugees.  Some of you don’t have to imagine.  You have experienced it.  I don’t know what it’s like to wait; to wonder if you’re name will be called; to agonize over whether your application will be processed or if the agent you draw will have a favorable attitude.

Now imagine you’re a person in need looking at God. Do we see Him as a person with limited resources?  We stand among a massive crowd wondering if He will hear us – if He will consider our request – if He will be in a favorable mood on the day we actually gain an audience with Him. We wonder if He will help us. We wonder if we have met the requirements for a favorable outcome. Who does God help?  What is required of anyone who wants to come to Him with their needs?