Imagine with me today that Prince William and Kate have come to Edmonton for a visit.  Imagine that you are downtown during their parade that will be happening during the lunch hour.  So you decide to go to the street to see if you can get a glimpse of them.  You get out on the sidewalk.  There are lots of people.  They begin cheering as the car carrying William and Kate approaches your location.  You can’t really see over the crowd in front of you.  But you think you saw them for a second. 

But then the cheering subsides as their motorcade stops.  Then the crowd goes wild as the door to their car opens and out pops Prince William.  He waves to the crowd but then begins walking towards the side of the street on which you stand.  The crowd hushes as the prince continues towards it.  He gets to the front and begins asking people to make way.  They part to make room for him. He proceeds to make his way towards you. 

When he sees you, he smiles.  He calls you by name.  “Hello!  I’ve been looking for you.  I would like to invite you to join me for supper tonight.  I’ve made arrangements to meet at the restaurant on this card.  Please meet me there at 6 PM.”  You’re kind of stunned.  But then you muster enough courage to say “but you don’t even know me.”  “I want to get to know you,” says the prince.  Please make sure you join us and we’ll have a wonderful time together.”  The prince leaves and gets back in the car.  The motorcade continues. You walk away in a daze.  Then you call your family and tell them the news.  Yet as the afternoon drags on, you look at the card he gave you.  Maybe you doubt if that was real.  Maybe it was an actor who looked like the prince.  Maybe this was a prank set up by one of your friends.  So you wonder if you will even go to the restaurant.  Maybe you won’t keep the card.  How could Prince William possibly be that interested in knowing you? 

Yet you figure what do you have to lose?  So you take the card. You get dressed and you go to the restaurant.  And there in the corner with a smile and a wave sits Prince William.  He has waited just for you and he can’t wait to spend time with you.