Today is the last message in the prayer series. But I hope we have learned a lot and had our appetites whetted for prayer. I’m concerned that you might not do anything in light of this prayer series. I’m concerned that you won’t change; you carry on as you did before; you think prayer is only for the super spiritual. I’m wondering if you believe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks or you think prayer is for old people who have lots of time on their hands. But you’ve got a busy life to live. I wonder if you’ll continue to keep your distance from God or carry on with a self-sufficient existence apart from Him. I’m troubled that you’re roots may not be deep into God so that you’re vulnerable to the next storm coming into your life. Or that you believe there’s no real need to pray.

Many of us live busy lives. We live in a world that does not encourage silence, reflection, prayer and deep thinking. We have been conditioned to expect someone or something else to keep our attention rather than learning to focus on God and His glory. I know the enemy of our souls wants you to do nothing in light of this series. I suspect he’s whispered things like “you don’t need to do this.” “That’s only for the fanatical. You’re not a fanatical. There’s much more interesting things to do.” I’m concerned.