Matthew 23:13-39

Matthew 23:13-39

Some animals are incredibly cute on the outside. But if we don’t know much about them, we could be setting ourselves up for serious injury or even death if we get to close to them. Take the Pufferfish. Look at that adorable face. But it is the second most poisonous vertebrate on the planet. Their venom kills by paralyzing the diaphragm and has no known antidote.

How about the Slow Loris with it’s big eyes. They are normally very calm but you wouldn’t want to get on their bad side. They can release venom from the side of their elbows which when mixed with their saliva can cause death by anaphylactic shock.

How about the moose? Look at that cute cartoon like grin. But when threatened, they can charge humans with an aggression that has caused many deaths and injuries over the years. The article I learned this from claimed it is more likely to be injured by a moose than a bear.

But surely this little guy is okay. What a cute baby cat. But most big cats would happily eat us for lunch. Lions, tigers, cheetahs and cougars can threaten lone hikers or children.

Then there’s probably my favorite on this list. The Cassowary is not very cute but looks somewhat crazy, though beautiful with its colors. Found in the rainforests of Australia and New Guinea, It looks like a flamboyant Ostrich. If disturbed by a human it will become aggressive and territorial. Using it’s large claws to try to disembowel it’s victims. Finally, there’s the wolverine. He looks a little like a cuddly mini bear. But in reality he’s an aggressive weasel with powerful jaws and claws.

An animal’s cute or beautiful appearance does not necessarily guarantee a pleasant encounter with them. The same is true with people. Someone can look good or have a good reputation or hold a position of status or power. But that does not guarantee that their interior life is good or their motivations are good.