Matthew 24:15-28

Matthew 25:15-28


Most of us use them every day. We put them on sub consciously. We barely even think about doing it. Some of us need help to get them on or we help others get theirs on. If we don’t wear them and the police see us, we might have to pay a fine. But even more drastic, if we’re not wearing them, it could cost us our lives.

What are they? Seat belts. Whenever we get into our car or someone else’s car, we strap on a seat belt. If we have little ones, we strap in their car seat or help them get on their seat belts. If we have some extra passengers and we need one of those rarely used seat belts, we may have to get down under the back seat to fish it out. But we get it to ensure everyone is buckled up. Then off we go to our destination. If we don’t have ours on and a police officer sees us we could get pulled over and given a ticket.

For those of you about 25 and under, you never knew a world without seat belts. When I was a kid, we never wore them. I remember standing on the floor of the back seat of our car and watching out the front windshield for hours on end when we were on vacation. I loved seeing the road whip by and all the sights those privileged front seat people got to enjoy. But today, seat belts are mandatory.