Hosea 1 & 2

Hosea 1 & 2

Many of us have or will experience the hurt caused by broken trust or unfaithfulness. You can experience it when the person you thought liked you is seen in the embrace of someone else. You can experience it at work when a client you’ve devoted years of service towards suddenly picks up and takes their business elsewhere. A work colleague takes your idea and presents it as their own. Someone you’ve mentored announces they’re leaving for more money with one of your competitors. You can experience unfaithfulness in in friendships. You share some fear or insecurity. They share it publicly at a party. You share something confidential with a family member. At a family gathering several know about it.

We can experience unfaithfulness with those closest to us. Marital unfaithfulness rocks the foundation of a family to a core. When parent’s break trust of a child towards a child destabilizes their world. Children’s unfaithfulness or lies can break a parent’s heart. And siblings can do deep damage to one another because of the familiarity that comes with living in the same house.

Now maybe you can think of someone who has been unfaithful in some way to you. With that person or people in mind, would you ever try to rescue them?

Would you work towards and even initiate restoring the relationship with them? Such a work seems impossible for our frail human hearts. It hurts when someone is or has been unfaithful to us. We naturally want to strike back, cut off and dismiss them from our lives.