Revelation 4
Is God Doing Anything?

Revelation 4

A mom and dad look at each other after another difficult day with their child. They’ve been struggling for a while trying to figure out what’s going on. They recognize that these struggles have put a strain on their marriage. They’ve asked God for help or healing for their child. But it seems like every direction they turn leads to a dead end. Where is God’s direction?

A wife or husband wakes up to another day in a struggling marriage. They have prayed earnestly for their spouse. They have asked God to intervene and bring change so they can experience joy. But there’s been no change – for years. The wife or husband wonders “Is God doing anything?”

A worker gets in their car for their daily commute to their job. It’s been stressful there the past while. They’re talking about cutbacks. But the communication from management has been scarce to non-existent. This employee has followed Christ for years. They’ve prayed for God’s direction about whether to stay or look for something different. But there seems to be no answer. What is God up to?

A young person faces choices about their future. Graduation approaches. Some of their peers seem so certain about their path in life. But they’re unsure. They don’t even know what they’re really interested in or where they’re skilled. They’ve prayed once in a while for God to show them the way. But they haven’t heard anything. Why won’t God answer?

A young adult has several important questions going through their mind. What should they do in their lives? Will they find someone to marry? Is this faith of their parents really something they can affirm? They’ve asked God for His help to sort these things out. But nothing comes back very clear. Does God even care about their questions?