No Cross, No Crown ~ Closing Comments

Pastor Tom's closing comments for the Choir Presentation of
No Cross, No Crown...

A lot of people were interested in Jesus initially.  Everyone likes a winner.  Everyone likes hanging around someone who makes things exciting.  Jesus caused quite a stir.  He had the opportunity to take the crown after He fed the 5000.  A large crowd of people sat listening to His teaching.  But it was near the end of the day and they were hungry.  Jesus took a boys lunch of 5 little loaves of bread and 2 fishes.  He blessed it and multiplied it many times over. 

The crowd figured out what had happened.  The Bible tells us they wanted to take him by force and make Him King.  But Jesus dismissed the crowd.  Can you imagine how much inner strength and character it took to dismiss a crowd that wants to make you their king?   But Jesus would not let them for He knew it was not God’s way.